Super Natural
Seaweed Puff Snack
Kids love snacks. But parents don’t love messes. Super Natural Seaweed Puff Snack is a spherical, bite-sized product that is still the healthy snack that seaweed is, but geared for kids. Explore new flavors from spiky spicy wasabi, kooky crunchy sesame, and rad roasted teriyaki. Search under the sea for new flavors, with Super Natural!
See ​​​​​​​my process for creating the point of purchase (POP) for this project!​​​​​​​
Scope of Work
Branding  |  Packaging  |  Strategy  |  Design  |  Art Direction  |  Concept Creation  |  Research  |  Illustration  |  Prototyping  |  Advertising  |  Copywriting  |  Logo Design  |  Naming  |  Graphic Design
The Product
Three different flavors to explore:
Rad Roasted Teriyaki Seaweed Puff Snack is for the chill explorer!
The puff that booms with a mild but unique flavor. From doing the chores without even being asked to including everyone in your hop scotch game, this is the perfect snack for the chill you!
Kooky Crunchy Sesame Seaweed Puff Snack is for the silly explorer!
The puff that bursts with a butty but sweet flavor. From getting a little too much paint on your face while making a masterpiece to crazy cool volcano science projects, this is the perfect snack for the silly you!        
Spiky Spicy Wasabi Seaweed Puff Snack is for the bold explorer! 
The puff that explodes with fiery flavor. From playing pirates on  the swing set to diving head first into home plate at your baseball game, this is the perfect snack for the bold you!
For my ad concept, I thought of games you play as a child. Since this product is all about finding new flavors, I thought hide and seek would fit perfectly to create the brand phrase: don't hide from new flavors, seek them!
Tote Bag
Carry on exploring (pun intended)! I thought about the carrying function of a tote bag and put it with exploration to emphasize exploring new flavors.
Point of Purchase (P.O.P.)
I wanted the point of purchase to be fun and eye catching to its child audience. I combined elements from two of the flavor characters to create a shape that will stand out in the grocery store. See my building process here.

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