Sustainable Adhesive
Bluebell flowers have historically been used to make glue. Bluebell Sustainable Adhesive is a line of products that is animal safe and eco friendly, compared to lots of other toxic adhesives but is still as strong. So let your craft blossom with Bluebell!
See ​​​​​​​my design process for this project!
Scope of Work
Branding  |  Packaging  |  Strategy  |  Design  |  Art Direction  |  Concept Creation  |  Research   Illustration  |  Prototyping  |  Advertising  |  Copywriting  |  Logo Design  |  Naming  |  Graphic Design
The Product
A fun fact is that bluebell flowers were historically made to make glue, which is how Bluebell Sustainable Adhesive was created. Bluebell is an eco friendly and animal safe adhesive line. From liquid glue, glue sticks, glue dot rollers and hot glue to spray adhesive, scotch and masking tape, this line had you sustainably covered and is still strong to let your craft blossom.
Point of Purchase (P.O.P.)
I created simple products that show its the strength, however in my point of purchase I wanted to show the bluebell flower with a busy pattern that makes the products and the name Bluebell contrast and stand out against the dark blue.
I wanted to show flower power and the strength of bluebell flowers in this ad campaign. What would show that more than a flower with muscles and copy that reads "flower is the new power." Each ad is color coded based on the color of the product. 
I was inspired by the brown craft paper I used in Bluebell's website, so I incorporated it into the product photoshoot. It has a crafty and sustainable voice.
The Brand
The brand guide below includes the logo, pattern, and color palette I have created, and display, primary, and secondary fonts I've chosen to represent the brand. The concept for the brand is called "Crafted Collage"; glue and tape is used for crafting but I had to think about how I can show that Bluebell's adhesive products are strong and not to be perceived as too floral and delicate. Take a look at the process for creating this brand concept.

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