Booth Buddy
Want to talk and learn from a local without traveling across seas? Well now you can with Booth Buddy, a service that allows you to connect with others. Booth Buddy has specific London-styled telephone booths spread all over the the United Kingdom and the United States. Go to Booth Buddy's website to start a membership, find one of their booths, and follow a guided conversation to create conversation and connect countries.​​​​​​​
Scope of Work
Branding  |  Web  |  Strategy  |  Design  |  Art Direction  |  Concept Creation  |  Research  |  Illustration  |  Prototyping  |  UX/UI  |  Copywriting  |  Logo Design  |  Naming  |  Graphic Design
The Product
Booth Buddy is like Pen Pal. Pen Pal got its name from writing to a pal by pen, but Booth Buddy got its name from the London telephone booths. Booth Buddy is a service where you can go online to start a membership, find one of their booths, and follow a guided conversation to meet and learn from locals all over the US and UK. 
Below is a video recording clicking through the whole site. 
This is the sitemap shows the functionality of the website and how it is prototyped. Starting from the left is the homepage, then the navy blue and green in the second column is the main navigation. From the main navigation, you can access other pages in the yellow.

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