Animals or People in a Realistic and Fictional Environment
This painting is part of a series about animals or people in a realistic and fictional environment. I use real photographs of animals and plants and make them my own. Through an earthy color palette and pattern, it's how I see the world. In this series, the style is not only similar but I use lots of burnt sienna paint to make the colors cohesive.
Since this is what I imagine Mother Earth to look like, it would only make sense to have her resemble all different types of animals, plants and foods that live and grow on earth. The teal-colored wings are supposed to represent dragonflies, the red and dark brown polka dots for lady bugs, cheetah print for cheetahs, yellow and black stripes for the bees, long dark brown legs on each side of her represent spider legs, the carrot shows food that grows from the ground, and the avocados show food that grows naturally while also representing Mother Earth's breasts with the avocado pits as her nipples. Mother Earth herself is a woman -- a person -- and the environment around her is earth, demonstrated by the sun, the plants, the grass, and the dirt. 

Acrylic on canvas, 50" x 50"

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